Critical Illness is medical insurance that pays a lump-sum benefit upon diagnosis of a critical illness or condition. A critical illness insurance payout helps you avoid the financial strain a major illness can create so you can focus on your recovery. Even though medical insurance and other insurance coverages are essential, they don’t cover everything. Medical science and treatment is phenomenal, but it can also be very expensive. Patients can experience financial hardship because of the expenses their insurance does not cover. 

Note: THIS PLAN IS NOT AVAILABLE If a member chooses to enroll in a plan that already has the Critical Illness benefit such as HealthCare Assist, Healthcare Select, or Healthcare Basic.


Following is the benefit and rate information for the Critical Illness. Each insured member and each insured family member receives the following benefits each coverage year.


Payable for 10 conditions:
Cancer, Heart Attack, Renal Failure, Stroke, Major Organ Transplant, Multiple Sclerosis, Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery, Alzheimer's, ALS, Terminal Illness




1. Critical Illness Benefit Plan is underwritten by AXIS Insurance Company.

The insurance described provides limited benefits. Limited benefits plans are insurance products with reduced benefits and are not intended to be an alternative to or integrated with comprehensive coverage. This insurance does not coordinate with any other insurance plan. It does not provide major medical or comprehensive medical coverage and is not designed to replace major medical insurance. Further, this insurance is not minimum essential benefits as set forth under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.

Limitations & Exclusions

For Critical Illness benefit on all plans:

  • 24 Month Treatment Period
  • 24 Month Limitation Period
  • Benefit Waiting Period – 90 Days
  • Survival Period – 30 Days
  • Critical Illness Benefit Only Available To Persons Under Age 65
  • State variations apply

Pre-Existing Condition Limitation
The Insurance Company will not pay Critical Illness Benefits for any Pre-existing Condition. A “Pre-existing Condition” means a disease or physical condition for which the Employee received medical treatment, during the treatment period shown above before his or her most recent effective date of insurance. The Pre-existing Condition Limitation will apply to any added benefits or increase in benefits. It will not apply after the Limitation Period shown above.

* Coverage may not be available in all U.S. states and jurisdictions. Product availability and plan design features, including eligibility requirements, descriptions of benefits, exclusions or limitations may vary depending on state laws.

In addition, Critical Illness Benefits will not be paid for:

  • The Insured Person’s suicide or intentional self-inflicted injury or Sickness, while sane or insane;
  • The Insured Person’s being under the influence of an excitant, depressant, hallucinogen, narcotic, and other drug, or intoxicant including those taken as prescribed by a Physician;
  • The Insured Person’s commission of or attempt to commit an assault or felony;
  • The Insured Person’s engaging in an illegal activity or occupation;
  • The Insured Person’s voluntary participation in a riot,
  • Any illness, loss or condition specifically exclude from the definition of any Critical Illness;
  • A Critical Illness that was initially Diagnosed before the Coverage Effective Date;
  • War, whether declared or not;
  • Balloon angioplasty, laser relief of an obstruction, and/or other intra-arterial procedure unless covered under this Certificate; or
  • Any injury or Sickness covered under any state or federal Worker’s Compensation, Employer’s Liability law or similar law.